History of our department could be traced back to the years of 1978-1979 as part of  the the "Law and Sociology" lectern established within the Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University Sakarya Academy of Engineering.  In 1992, together with other 22 universities in Turkey to Sakarya University was founded as an independent university, and began its own process of institutionalizing. In this process, our Department of Sociology was established under the chairmanship of Prof. Sami SENER, began the graduate studies in 1993, BA in 1994, and the distant education in 2012.

Prof. Prof. Haci Musa TAŞDELEN and Prof. Ali Riza ABAY also chaired our department. By the end of 2013, under the chairmanship of Ass. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal SAN,  our faculty includes 2 Professors, 4 Associated Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 1 PhD. Lecturer, 2 PhD Research Assistants, and  7 Research Assistants.

Our department, with its alumni in the different spheres of life, from the universities to the public & private sector organizations, has became a qualified actor, acts according to the policies of Sakarya University, the first and single public university awarded with the ISO-2002 Quality Certificate and the EFQM Excellence Model, National Quality Award and Sustainable Excellence Award.

With students, we are committed to developing scientific, interpretative, and critical capacities for understanding the social and cultural forces that shape the human experience. We strive to foster a lifelong engagement with questions of social justice.

We bring theoretical and methodological rigor to understanding complex social and cultural realities both local and global. We promote ways of imagining and re-imagining the common good and encourage the use of knowledge and skills to realize a more just society.